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Why is Astaxanthin the Best Natural Supplement Money Can Buy

Astaxanthin is one of the supplements that should be on your top 10 list of supplementation. Because of its ability to freely pass throughout the entire body, it is probably one of the most beneficial antioxidants for human health. Among the other systems, it can protect your hearth, brain, and eyes. What sets apart Astaxanthin from all the other antioxidants is the fact that it can work in the entire cell: both its water soluble parts and its fat soluble parts. The antioxidant Astaxanthin is a part of the family of carotenoids (red colored nutrients), which you should be familiar with owing to these well known ingredients of carrots. Although, Astaxanthin is not present in carrots or carrot juice, just to be clear. But Astaxanthin is probably among the most powerful antioxidants that can be found in Nature. New research proves this every day [1]. In its natural form, it occurs in some micro-algae (like the ones with Latin name Haematococcus pluvialis, Chlorella zofingiensis, and Chlorococcum), and is the main cause of the pink color of salmon, lobster, shrimp, and other sea food. The H. pluvialis micro-alga has the highest capacity to keep astaxanthin in its body: up to 5 […]

Best Apps for Fast Health Check

The beginning of 2017 brought delicious food and all those extra pounds that aren’t necessarily easy to shed, especially in winter time. The truth is that we need all the help we can get when it comes to those irritating numbers on the scale, not just for our good looks, but for keeping our health in balance as well. Different people use different methods to get fitter, to fix their cholesterol levels, to leave behind any bad nutrition habit that might have been haunting them for a long time and today we’ll talk about how you can use your smartphone as your health check institution. The first thing you need to be aware of whenever it comes to getting your health to optimal condition is that is all comes from your head . You will need to decide firmly and set goals to do whatever it is you need to achieve them. People, apps, gyms and everything else that comes to mind are there to help you and additionally motivate you, but it  all starts and unfortunately ends with you. Once you’re in the clear and determined to become the best version of yourself that you can be, picking the […]

Home to Make Bone Broth: The Only Guide You Need

If I had to choose only one liquid drink with the highest impact in my life, it wouldn’t be a juice. It would be a broth. A bone broth. If you are new to bone broth, consider yourself lucky for finding this post. Because this one simple kind of liquid is going to transform your life as if like a charm. Bone broth has attracted a lot of attention lately. Influential media like Time Magazine couldn’t stay away from the publicity as well. This is my personal take on bone broth. You will see how I cook it and why I love it so much. You will see some important nutritional information, even though I really don’t care what the experts say. I know it work. I know it works in a fantastic way. If you too decide to make your own broth there is only one important point: You absolutely HAVE TO get ORGANIC bones from GRASS FED animals. Period. Please take this step very seriously. You don’t want bones from conventionally grown animals. Their bones are not that healthy, if at all beneficial. In the following I’ll present my version of bone broth. The way I prepare it […]

NutriBullet and Pregnancy: What Foods Should Women Eat and Avoid While They Are Pregnant

Pregnant women know that they need to consume more nutrients for themselves and their unborn child. And, a great way to get more nutrients is from the use of the NutriBullet. According to various research, what a mother eats during pregnancy will affect the baby’s development and can even affect their taste preferences. However, it’s imperative to talk with your doctor before you make any kind of dietary change. Why? Your personal health condition may dictate what foods you can and cannot consume. NutriBlasts are loaded with minerals and vitamins that pregnant women need, but since it’s a super powerful type of nutritive diet, it’s important your doctor knows about them before you start taking them. Table of Contents1 The Magic Bullet — NutriBullet2 What Vitamins and Minerals Does Your Body Need More Of During Pregnancy 3 What Foods Should You Not Eat When Pregnant4 Avoid Consuming High Mercury Food/Seafood5 Don’t Eat Undercooked Or Raw Foods (Eggs, Meat, Poultry and Seafood)6 Don’t Consume Unpasteurized Foods7 What To Remember About Pregnancy Weight Gain The Magic Bullet — NutriBullet I have had Nutribullet for 2 years now. Let me say it clear and loud: it is a fantastic machine. Especially if you […]

Are Smoothies Healthy or Not?

People often ask the following question about the health benefits of smoothies… Are smoothies healthy in general? and more specifically, are fruit smoothies or green smoothies healthy? My opinion about smoothies has made a 180 degree turn. From an avid proponent of all kinds of fruit and vegetable smoothies, I became a cautious and very selective consumer. I believe these things are hard to generalize. In this article I will explain why. It all boils down to what kind of food you use to prepare your smoothies. Avocado can always be recommended as one of the healthiest ingredient in your smoothie! Table of Contents1 The Dos and Don’ts of Smoothies2 Unhealthy base3 Unhealthy Ingredients4 Healthy Smoothie Bases5 Healthy Smoothie Ingredients 6 Smoothies as a snack?7 Classic Type: Banana The Dos and Don’ts of Smoothies The health-related properties of your smoothie depend on two main factors: the type and quality of the base you use to prepare them the type and quality of the ingredients you put in there. Let’s take a look at the base first: Unhealthy base In my humble opinion, unhealthy bases are the following: fruit juices — with or without added sugar, even freshly squeezed fruit juices […]

Ginseng Root – a Prototype Tonic Herb

Using Ginseng root is a fantastic way to introduce yourself to the benefits of tonic herbs What is a Tonic Herb? The word tonic is often used to denote a herb that cleanses or tones up the body on a cellular level. Potent cleansing herbs that belong to this category include dandelion, boneset, horseradish, burdock, nettles, and meadowsweet [1]. However, in a much more rigorous sense, the tonic herbs nourish and supplement the body, providing dense nutrients and direct active energy to the cells and tissues, so they can function better. One of the most important herbs in this category is Ginseng. The main function of Ginseng and the other tonic herbs is not related to relieving symptoms of a disease or ailment, but to improving or strengthening the natural processes and systems of the body. All tonic herbs are also medicinal herbs, however not all medicinal herbs can be used as tonics. Researchers have often use the term “adaptogen” to portray some of these tonic herbs. They discovered that adaptogenic herbs have a strong effect when the person taking these herbs is under a great deal of stress. Table of Contents1 Ginseng Root2 Where does the incredible power of […]

Rich Fructooligosaccharide Sources and Why You Should Include Them in Your Diet

For a long time I was unaware of the need to include at least some foods that contain Fructooligosaccharides (FOS) in my diet. Our western type of diet is so devastating when it comes to having optimal gut flora. That’s why these foods can be of great help to restore the functioning of the digestive system and improve our general health. At one point, I came across Jerusalem artichoke, which is basically an inulin containing root, and pretty quickly was amazed at its impact on my health. Now, I use it every time when I can find it on my local market. I use it to replace potatoes, which thankfully I no longer use. I also increased the intake of other plant sources of Fructooligosaccharides that I had already used every now and then, but I didn’t know how beneficial they were. Those are, for example, leeks, asparagus, and onions. Asparagus tops In this article I will try to explain what’s the point with these FOS foods and why you too should be using them on a daily basis. Table of Contents1 The Problem of Digestible Carbohydrates2 What are Fructooligosaccharides?3 Some Formulas4 Plant Sources of FOS and Their Benefits5 Possible […]

Tips on How to Maximize the Health Benefits of Hazelnuts

I believe you will agree with me on the following: Hazelnuts are the type of nuts most commonly used in snacks and a variety of roasted nut recipes. For example, they are one of the most important ingredients in Nutella. But are they REALLY healthy when used that way? It turns out their health benefits DRAMATICALLY increase by changing one simple thing. And it this post we are going to see that the MOST IMPORTANT point is to use them Raw. I use them raw, alongside with other nut varieties, as an addition to my green smoothies. If you are wondering why I insist on raw Hazelnuts, I should tell you that there is a huge difference. At first you might think that raw hazelnuts are not much different from roasted hazelnuts, as far as their nutritional content is concerned. And, here’s the deal: One should avoid heating Hazelnuts, or any other nut variety for that matter. The reason is simple – Hazelnuts are rich in monounsaturated and poly-unsaturated (Omega 6) fatty acids that easily go rancid whey you heat them up. And, trust me, you don’t want to consume spoiled fatty acids. They will penetrate the cellular wals of […]

7 Key Things to Steer Clear of When on the Paleo Diet

People all around the world fill their bodies up with empty calories every day. Empty calories are drinks loaded with sugar, aspartame, caramel color, preservatives, etc. People who follow the Standard American Diet tend to include liquid beverages to cover their recommended daily calorie consumption. That’s not a good strategy at all. If you closely follow Paleo Diet, bear in mind that the hunter-gatherers of the past had no access to these kinds of drinks that can be widely found in the supermarket and liquor stores. All they had was pure water to drink. And pure water is the best possible type of drink you can use when on Paleo Diet. But, it should really be pure (check number 7 below). Table of Contents1 What Drinks Do You Need To Avoid Doing The Paleo Diet2 1. Alcohol3 2. Fruit Juice4 3. Coffee and Caffeine5 4. Milk6 5. Soda: Regular and Diet:7 6. Toothpaste8 7. Tap water9 Stay Hydrated but not Overhydrated What Drinks Do You Need To Avoid Doing The Paleo Diet If you’d like to follow the Paleo Diet, there are several beverages you need to avoid or rarely consume: 1. Alcohol Paleo enthusiasts can’t really agree on this […]

Omega 3 in Sea Food vs Mercury Content

Fish and sea food in general are great sources of omega 3 fatty acids. But unfortunately they can be contaminated with pollutants, among which mercury is especially dangerous. Seafood is a great nutritious source because, among the other things, it contains large quantities of Omega-3 fatty acids. Both Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids are essential for life, but currently the Standard American Diet and similar types of diet deliver too much of the inflammatory Omega-6 compared to the anti-inflammatory Omega-3.  As we said, the Omega 6-fatty acids are not inherently bad, but due to the development of hydrogenated oils used so widely in cooking, the average individual now has too much Omega-6  than their body is accustomed to handling. So, seafood can restore the balance in favor of the much healthier omega 3 fatty acids. The problem is that many types of seafood accumulate toxins, especially heavy metals like mercury. Mercury is toxic to the peripheral and central nervous systems and poses a risk to normal neurological development in fetuses. The question is, can we enjoy the benefits of this omega 3 rich food but avoid the danger of mercury poisoning? It is not always easy to balance the benefits and […]

The Health Benefits Brazil Nuts Deliver to Your Smoothies and Juices

Brazil nuts are much larger in comparison to other nuts. They are highly nutritious, rich in calories and fat and are considered to have several health benefits. They come from a tree that is grown throughout the Amazon. We like to use our Brazil nuts in our juices and smoothies. We hardly ever miss putting a couple of nuts in our vegetable smoothies. They make excellent additions, and are very healthy and nutritious. Here is why: Just 6 Brazil nuts comprise one full serving of 1 ounce, which contains 185 calories, 3 grams of carbohydrates, 2 grams of fiber and 4 grams of proteins. Brazil nuts also contain various micro-nutrients, like iron, calcium, and other vital minerals. Let’s look at the fat content in Brazil nuts, as many people are weary of its high fat content, a concern that is not justified at all. The fat contained in Brazil nuts is Saturated fat 20 g, Poly-unsaturated fat 27 g, and Mono-unsaturated fat 27 g, a total of 88 grams of fat as estimated per one cup (133 grams). Brazilian Nut Tree The saturated fat is actually the good fat (even though your nutritionist may tell you otherwise). The mono-unsaturated fat […]

Chia Seeds — Excellent Addition to Your Juices

Have you ever tried chia seeds? If you haven’t, this might be the best time to include them into your diet. They are so fun to use and require only a small effort on your side to prepare. Moreover, chia seeds mixed up with your favorite healthy juices might be the right combination to considerably improve your health. Ever since my family members and I discovered Chia seeds online, we never stopped being amazed as to how cool they are. In this post we are going to talk about how to use chia seeds in your everyday diet plan. But, let us see first what chia seeds are and how they can help. Chia seeds belong to the family with Latin name Salvia hispanica and are closely related to the common mint. This plant is native to South America. In Southern Mexico, they have been a part of their cuisine since centuries ago. They used to be so popular, that the Mayans, Incas, and Aztecs utilized them as a monetary means. They valued them for their ability to bring extra energy and stamina. In fact, in the language of the ancient Mayans chia means “strength”. It is said that only […]

The Fundamentals of Juice Fasting

Cleaning one’s body from the inside out can be performed with fasting, and one of the age-long methods of fasting is juice fasting. The mere drinking of fruit and vegetable juices is recognized as a way to flush out accumulated toxins and waste material from our body. The main benefits of juice fasting are seen not only in the increased strength and vitality of the body – the conditions of our mind and spirit are also affected in a positive way. If you are looking for a proof, just check the miracle transformation of Jeo Cross. Table of Contents1 Useful Information2 Preliminary Activities3 The Fasting4 How to Break the Fast Useful Information It takes a lot of preparation, some additional time and some extra money to be able to perform you juice fasting successfully. The important thing is – you should be relaxed and without too many engagements – if you have a busy week at work, or if you have any upcoming engagements, it might not be a good idea to start with the fasting until you have cleared up some space and time in your life. Fruit juices are abundant in sugar, minerals and vitamins. Vegetable juices contain […]

Juicing – Frequently Asked Questions

Although juicing is a pretty simple operation, there are several practical problems one is usually faced with when trying to prepare healthy juices at home. Here are some common dilemmas people have to deal with when juicing: Table of Contents1 Question: Should I Juice Non Organic Foods?2 Question: Should I Peel Oranges Before Juicing?3 Question: Should I Include the White Pithy Part of Oranges?4 Question: Is Juicing Oranges With Seeds Okay?5 Question: Should I Peel Tropical Fruits?6 Should Apples and Pears Be Peeled?7 Question: What About Juicing Apple Seeds?8 Question: Should I be Juicing with Fruits Pits?9 Question: Can I Juice Carrot Greens?10 Question: Can I Juice Bananas?11 Question: How Long Can I Store Juiced Vegetables? Question: Should I Juice Non Organic Foods? Answer: If you can, always select organically grown vegetables and fruits for your healthy juices. Purchasing organic foods is not always easy, nor is it straightforward. It might take you additional time and energy to find a reliable source of organic food, not to mention the  additional costs. If you have to use conventional, non-organic produce, make sure you follow one simple rule: always remove the skin of the non-organic vegetables and fruits you are about to […]

How to Juice Carrots

The best way to juice carrots is to use an electric juicer. There are many different carrot juice recipes that use juicing as way of preparing this delicious drink. Due to their distinctive sweetness, carrots are probably among the most popular vegetables for preparing sweat and refreshing juices. If you haven’t really tried making some carrot juice for yourself, you must absolutely do so. The sweetness of carrots makes the juice taste great, and besides, there is little cost involved as you can always buy carrots at very affordable price. Table of Contents1 Selecting Fresh Carrots2 Juicing Carrot Tops3 Juicing Organic Carrots4 When and Why Not to Juice Carrots Selecting Fresh Carrots Always choose fresh carrots If you want to make the best possible carrot juice, make sure you pick some fresh vegetables. It is easy to spot when the carrots are old – usually they will be rubber-like, broken, and limp. In addition, you should pay attention to the carrot tops, and if they are wilted this is a good indication to avoid them altogether. Fresh carrots will usually be of bright color, and they will have a shiny texture. The vivid orange color of the young carrots will […]

Low Sodium Juices – Why You Need Them

In this article we will explore the role that sodium plays in human body and why it is so important to drink low sodium juices if you want to have a healthy and balanced nutrition. Sodium (Na) is a chemical element that occurs naturally in a lot of foods. However, common kitchen salt (sodium chloride – NaCl) is probably the best known reservoir of sodium for the body. A great number of unprocessed, fresh foods, for example, a lot of types of fresh fruits and vegetables, integral grains, as well as protein rich nutrients, like lean meats, poultry, and fish are actually pretty low in sodium content. This list also includes garlic, onion, parsley, paprika, honey, skim milk, yogurt, soy milk, tea, cottage cheese and other ingredients. Table of Contents1 Why do we need sodium?2 Why is too much sodium bad?3 How much sodium do we need?4 Preparing vs Purchasing Low Sodium Juices Why do we need sodium? The human body needs certain amounts of sodium in order to function properly. Our body contains electrolytes – chemical substances that become ions in solutions and are capable of conducting electric impulses. The balance of electrolytes in our organism is essential for […]

5 Delicious Foods to Add to your Juicing Recipes

Juicing is the practice of extracting the nutrients from fruits and vegetables and turning them into a more appetizing drink form instead. The benefits of juicing can become a way of life, while helping your body adjust to a healthy and nutritious form of dieting.  The idea of dieting with fruits and vegetables is an old and proven way.  Researchers have found that a diet high in fruits and vegetables can decrease in large numbers such diseases as prostate cancer, hernia, and diverticulitis.  Our main goal in this method of staying healthy should be total focus on your wellbeing.  When liquefying any fruit or vegetable, one must think of taste; you can’t drink something you can’t keep down.  This method will give your taste buds a new and refreshing experience while making your digestive system healthy and full of nutrients that will balance your whole digestive process. Throw a few of these in your juicer or blender along with your fruits and vegetables and you’ll be surprised not only at the health benefits you gain, but at the amazing flavor and taste your health drink has. Benefits of Juicing: 1. Avocados:      Green, and high in fat content, and nutritious […]

Four Interesting Juicing Recipes

In this post we will present four recipes to give you an idea about the versatility of using modern juicers. There are lots of ways to use your juicer and you may want to experiment to develop new recipes. Any search of a major online bookseller will show you a great number of books dealing with juicer recipes. Table of Contents1 Apple or Pear Juice2 Tomato Juice3 Homogenizing4 Strawberry Ice Cream5 Orange Sherbet Apple or Pear Juice Type of Fruit to Use: Always use hard, crisp apples or pears. A mealy apple or pear will not juice, but can be homogenized for sauces. Preparing the Fruit: Wash and core the fruit and cut into sections if needed to fit the feeding throat. You can use any juicer, but our recommended Big Mouth Pro Hamilton Juicer will hardly need this operation. Do not peel the fruit. Feeding Process: Juice the fruit sections at a steady speed. Apple or per juice may be kept for 48 hours in a refrigerator> If it is kept extremely cold it doesn’t ferment and doesn’t turn to alcohol. Apple or pear juice can also be frozen. Tomato Juice Type of Vegetable to Use: Tomatoes should be […]

Horseradish Health Benefits

Freshly grated horseradish is remarkable as an addition to sauces. It is possible to prepare a very delicious combination of horseradish with milk or yogurt. This vegetable can be served with any meal. As a medicine, it is usually taken alongside acidic foods, in form of a syrup, boiled in white wine or water, or as a juice or tea. However, you should never exaggerate with its use, since it has been known to cause diarrhea and vomiting when taken in surplus. Horseradish is rich in vitamin C – more than 100 milligrams per 100 grams of freshly grated root. There is also a lot of micro nutrients contained in it – glutamine, glucose, potassium, sulphates – to mention just a few, as well as potent essential oils that give it its spicy flavor. Table of Contents1 Health Benefits2 Horseradish Lemon Smoothie3 Horseradish Tea Health Benefits Horseradish is recommended for cleansing the blood, expelling kidney stones, for sweating and as a diuretic. It has been used in folk medicine as a cure for lung diseases, rheumatism, gout, and against cold. It is valuable as a stimulant of the digestive system, causing increased secretion of the gastric and intestinal glands, as […]

Endive Juice and Its Health Benefits

In our recent article we have examined the health benefits of lettuce juice. Endive is another vegetable, virtually belonging to the same group. It very much resembles lettuce, and to some degree it has the same nutritional value. The alternative names are escarole or chicory. In some areas of the US, this curly vegetable is referred to as chicory, while the word endive is being used exclusively for the winter-grown heads of Brussels Chicory. Brussels Chicory can be distinguished by its long creamy white leaves pressed one to another in a compact form. Brussels Endive Here we will address in more detail the former type – the true Endive. The Belgian variety is deficient in chlorophyll and also in some important mineral substances found in the full grown endive plant. The endive has dark-green, curly and serrated leaves. The green leaves are edible when young. Endive Lettuce As a plant, the endive lettuce is closely related to the dandelion. It is of higher quality and there is a greater range of culinary possibilities than when considering the ordinary lettuce. Even within the endive family there are several species with slightly different nutritional and medicinal properties. The energetic value of endive […]

Lettuce Juice Health Benefits

It might look strange at first sight, but lettuce can be a source of a very healthy and delicious juice. It has a number of beneficial micro-nutrients, but the most important are iron, Fe, and magnesium, Mg. In lettuce, both elements are contained at the level of around 5 percent. Not too many words should be spent on iron, as one of the most vital elements for the normal functioning of the bodily systems. Unfortunately, a lot of processed foods consumed today do not contain iron in its vital organic form. Due to its high activity, iron should be renewed more frequently than the other nutrients. Our body can store certain amounts of iron in the liver and spleen. Those elemental supplies are used in emergency cases, for example, for accelerated blood cells formation when there is blood loss or injury. In the spleen, iron serves, together with the other chemical compounds, as a battery power for recharging the blood. At the same time lettuce, like almost all vegetables, possesses relatively low sodium content, which makes it a desirable ingredient in any type of low sodium juice. Lettuce is rich in iron and magnesium. Another variety of lettuce is Endive. […]

Health Benefits of Blueberries and Blueberry Juice

Believe it or not, but blueberries seem to belong to the kind of delicious food rich in flavors and great for health improvement. They are close to the top on the list of the best, commercially available antioxidant fruits. They have even been categorized as super foods. The substance responsible for their strong antioxidant action is called anthocyanin. It is a type of (bio)flavonoid, and these substances in general are known to have dual action – they promote health and have substantial therapeutic effects. Therefore, there is no better recommendation that to reach out for and capitalize on the numerous health related benefits of blueberries. If you are wondering how much is enough, just take one cup of blueberries daily, or even better, prepare some delightful, healthy juice out of them alone, or in combination with some other fruits. Apart from juicing in a juice extractor there is another possibility – you can prepare a healthy smoothie out of them. Either way, make sure that there are no fruits with marks of mould formation, and … happy juicing. Table of Contents1 Health Benefits2 Blueberries May Improve Memory3 Picking Up and Storing of Blueberries Health Benefits Blueberries, fresh Apart from their […]

How to Make Healthy Carrot Juice Combinations

Carrot in combination with other vegetables can produce especially healthful, tasty and refreshing drinks. We all need to drink juices daily, since they are the most effective nourishment for our body. Any fresh raw juice is better than no juice at all. The knowledge about how to make these healthy juices comes naturally if you have a quality electric juice machine. If you do not have a juicer, there are two other methods: to squeeze the juice out of the carrots manually, or to use a blender. The former method is too time consuming and difficult, whereas the latter does not separate the juice from the pulp, so it is meant more for producing smoothies. Therefore, the only real way of producing quality carrot juice (or carrot juice combinations) is to use an electric juice extractor. The juice extracted by a juice extractor (we recommend the hamilton beach big mouth extractor) should be used immediately. The extraction of the juice from the fibers is never 100 percent complete. Moreover the oxidation and heat from the friction in the juicer will tend to spoil the juice in a short time. However, the good news is that the potentially toxic sprays are […]

Cooked vs Raw Foods vs Fresh Juices

Raw foods rock when it comes to promoting health and well-being. Don’t get me wrong, though. In principle, there is no big problem if you consume cooked foods in parallel. However, make sure you also eat enough of the raw foods (and enough of the raw organic juices as well). Living in the nowadays modern age, you simply have to eat plenty of processed and cooked foods. Period. But, eating too much of it can potentially cause physical problems that are easily reflected on the emotional and mental planes of existence. One should be aware that the condition of the body influences the soul (and vice versa). Table of Contents1 Why the Food is Cooked at the First Place2 Raw is Healthier3 What about the Fried Foods?4 Energy Spent on Digestion Why the Food is Cooked at the First Place Let’s see what the main reasons for cooking our foods are. Easier digestion: Cooking makes the food softer. It can be chewed and swallowed more easily. Safety reasons: Cooked food is safer for eating. Cooking eliminates the bacteria and other harmful microorganisms, making the food safe for eating. Hedonistic reasons: The taste of some foods might be better after cooking. […]

Are Juices Concentrated Foods?

Food is given to us as a blessing, to serve both as nourishment and as medicine. If you are using various foods as nourishment only, you will obviously miss an important aspect that promotes your general health. Here is where the juices have to come in. They fulfill both of these purposes with ease. Speaking about the healthy juices, there is a popular misconception. It says that juices are a type of concentrated food. Is this true? Fortunately, this view is not very accurate. Usually what we consider a concentrated food is something that has been dehydrated, deprived of its water content, much like what happens with powdered or evaporated milk. Clearly, juices don’t belong to this line of products. They naturally contain water, which is organic and very beneficial. The cells of your body are actually starving for this type of enlivened water. Table of Contents1 Comparing Concentrations2 Carrot Juice vs Cow’s Milk3 Where exactly do these organic components play their role? Comparing Concentrations In reality, fruit and vegetable juices are probably some of the least concentrated foods, although their potential nourishing benefit is amongst the greatest. Let us see how vegetable and fruit juices compare to other foods: […]

What is the Difference Between Pasteurized and Fresh Juices

In order to obtain a prolonged shelf life, the bottled juices must be pasteurized. It is a fairly certain thing. Correct me if I am wrong, but I think that all juices have to be pasteurized if they are to be bottled.  Let us see what the impact of this procedure is on the potential health benefits of the juices? Pasteurized fruit and vegetable juices have to be boiled to protect the foods against bacterias and other harmful organisms. Along with it, the enzymes and other beneficial nutrients are also destroyed. I understand the need to ensure that the juices are microbiologically safe foods when sold in a store. I really do. But what happens for instance if you are fasting or you are on a juice only diet? making your own juice is always the preferred option If you are fasting, these juices will be your only source of nourishment. They might be tasty and colorful, but they will be poor in enzymes and vitamins. You need to take live foods to sustain the proper functioning of your organism. Live foods are full of useful substances, as opposed to thermally treated juices where the nutrients have been destroyed. Some […]

How Much Juice Should I Drink?

The answer is simple. Be natural and try to feel what your body tells you. If you can do that, there is no need for rules and regulations. Consume enough of the whole foods as well. Don’t go overboard with fruit juices though. Fruits contain sugar, and should be taken in moderation. People withe elevated insulin levels should consider limiting or avoiding fruits altogether. Table of Contents1 The Role of the Juicer2 Living Organic Water3 Easier Digestion4 Concerns The Role of the Juicer hand squeezers vs juicers? When you prepare fresh juices you usually use juicers. These helpful devices haven’t always been around. In the past, people needed to extract juices by hand. In the process of juice extraction, the minerals and vitamins are released from the cells of the fibers. In the second phase, they are collected and separated from the pulp. Hand juicing will only perform these tasks to a certain extent. With the invent of the centrifugal juice extractors, the juice from the pulp is separated and collected using the power of the centrifugal force. Whereas it is impossible to collect absolutely all the juice from the fruits or vegetables, the obtained juice is as good as […]

Vegetables Juicing vs Raw Eating

Juicing? No thanks I will eat my vegetables raw. Is this a good attitude? It sounds pretty logical, and although it is totally acceptable, there is a downside to this eating habit. Solid food needs several hours of digesting and decomposing in order to be acceptable for nourishing on cellular level. And you probably guess this already – the juices don’t. Table of Contents1 The Fibers in our Food2 The Benefits of Juicing3 Nutritional vs Bodily Enzymes The Fibers in our Food What juicing does is getting rid of the fibers contained in the vegetables and fruits. Therefore the juices are absorbed much quicker. They get assimilated very easily with minimal effort, and the nourishment is available almost instantly to the whole array of cells in the body. The exertion on the part of the digestive system is also very fast. The next logical question is the following. Should we stick  only to the juices, then? A cup of carrots contains roughly 7 g. of fiber No! You should also take some raw food in parallel to your drinking juices. Whereas the fibers have virtually no nutritional value, they serve another important purpose – they act as cleaners and sweepers […]

Why Consume Raw Fruits and Vegetables?

Fresh is good. Without fresh food there is not enough quality nourishment for your body. In particular, one important ingredient is missing – the enzymes. So, you need to take fresh food – fresh fruits and vegetables. That is, if you intend to stay healthy. Then you have the processed food. Some will say that processed food is something we simply cannot avoid. And this is also true. But if such food is a must, then make sure you also get some of the fresh, raw fruits and vegetables. That is, live, active substance. Table of Contents1 The Magic of the Enzymes2 The Role of Temperature3 The Building Elements4 Outlook The Magic of the Enzymes Enzymes are those key elements that enable your body to be nourished and vital. What makes a plant sprouts from the seed is the principle of life reflected in the enzymes. Let’s see what they actually do. Enzymes are important for the health of our blood Enzymes are in essence very much like electric or magnetic energy. This energy comes out as a result of a complex interplay of material particles, but it is less material itself. Likewise, enzymes play an important role in the […]